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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Licola - Macalister River

Date: 16 April 2017
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Crew: Toon
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: - Celta Spinner,
Gear Used: Spinning outfit
Catch: N/A
Report: Headed up to Licola to camp a few nights. Fished the Macalister river that joins from the caledonia river. Some decent sized pools as you walk down the macalister. No insect action at all, no fish jumping. As a result, no bites or hook ups. Pretty quiet, but special area nonetheless. 
Report: 5/10

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Date: 8 April 2017
Weather: Sunny
Crew: Dave
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: - Fly - Royal Stimulator #14,
Gear Used: Sage Approach 4w, 9'
Catch: 1 Brown, 1 Rainbow
Report: Had planned on heading north east for the weekend, but the prospect of storms and heavy rains meant a rethink. The revised plan was to stay local - fish a few hours, then have a riverside fire and cook up with kellie. Managed to land an absolute monster brown, which I can only assume was an escapee from the nearby trout farm. Got the fire started, and then the mother nature unleashed hell.
Report: 8/10

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Date: 26 March 2017
Weather: Sunny
Crew: Dave
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: - Fly - Parachute Adams Hopper #14,
Gear Used: Orvis Superfine Carbon 3wt, 7'6"
Catch: 1 Brown
Report: Fishing here supports my theory its not about numbers, but the quality of fishing. Only managed one brown, which required some delicate sneaky casting. Was the first session with my new prescription polarised sunnies, which were an absolute game changer. I reckon I'll give this spot a solid work over next season.
Report: 7/10

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Date: 19 March 2017
Weather: Suny
Crew: Dave
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Fly: Royal Wolf #12
Gear Used: Orvis Superfine Carbon 3wt 7'6
Catch: 10+ Rainbows
Report: Was a bit frustrated with the low number of fish landed the previous week, so decided to have another go. This time around was much more productive. Have started working the Royal Wolf a bit more, seems to be a great high floating fly in the rougher water. Very visible too.

Had a quick flick at Glenlowren on the way home with no success, need to plan a session with Toon.
Report: 7/10

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Glenlowren Top Dam

 12 March 2017
Weather: Slightly cloudy and breezy
Crew: Toon, Jax
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Fly: Worms and rapala jointed
Gear Used: Jax's $15 combo from Anaconda + my sweet little outfit
Catch: 0
Report: Hit the damn with Jax for a good hour. Jax learning to cast his outfit. Getting better at it! Threw heaps of lures out, no fish. Did get one hit, and also saw  a monster trout swim with the lure up to the pier. He was the biggest trout i have ever seen. This damn just has monsters living in it.
Report: 5/10

Monday, March 13, 2017


Date: 13 March 2017
Weather: Suny
Crew: Dave, Ross
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Fly: Royal Stimulator
Gear Used: Sage Approach 4wt 9', Orvis Superfine Carbon 3wt 7'6
Catch: 4 Rainbows
Report: Was a good session, managed to lose as many fish as we landed.
Report: 7/10

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Taponga River

Date: 4-5 March 2017
Weather: Suny
Crew: Toon
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Green celta spinners, tassie devil, rapala jointed
Gear Used: Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500, 1-3kg shimano raider
Catch: 1 Brown
Report: Rivers at this section saw too many big and deep pools. Fished every corner of them but no hits. Moved from the trusty green celta to a pink/purple tassie devil. Those are shit to use. I need to figure it out, they have a weird action, doesnt look natural. Couldnt bend it to improve, was too stiff. Need to work that one out. Ended up trying the rapala jointed just to play around with. Was awesome to cast, nice light weight balsa can hit spots with ease. Retrieve action beautiful. Ended up walking up stream for a small hour, to a running section, then out of the blue got hit by a nice sized brown on the rapala to my surprise. Afterwards saw some small redfin interested in the rapala but they were too small to engulf it. Fun times still. 
Report: 6/10

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hot Box

Date: 5 March 2017
Weather: Suny
Crew: Dave
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Fly - Parachut hopper #14, Royal Humpy #12, Royal Stimulator #14
Gear Used: Sage Approach 9ft 4wt
Catch: 11 Rainbow 1 Brown
Report: Was a great session, with lots of good healthy fish. After running out of hoppers, the stimulator still proved effective. The one brown was the session highlight - took a tricky cast into a hard-to-get knook. Lost quite a few fish from broken leader, and broken tippet. This has started happening to me too often.
Report: 9/10

Tassie Streams

Date: 23 - 27  February 2017
Weather: Varied
Crew: Dave, Easty
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Fly: Parachut hopper, parachute adams
Gear Used: Sage Approach 9ft, 4 wt. Orvis Superfine Carbon 7ft6 3 wt, Sage One 9ft 6wt, Stalker 9ft 4wt
Catch: 15 Brown
Report: Was a good trip, didn't bag as many fish as we had hoped for. The hopper session on the Cambden Rivulet was a highlight - sight casting to feeding fish. Pulled an absolute monster out of the same drain as last time too!

Streams hit include:
Mersey - Fished really well
Iris - Pulled the pin after 1hr - was freezing cold
Hellyer - Nice river, managed a few fish
Leven - A little disappointing
North Esk - A little disappointing
St Pats - A little disappointing
Cambden Rivulet - Fantastic!

Managed to lose the GPS, break a rod, and break a tent pole 

Report: 8/10

Monday, February 20, 2017

Taponga River

Date: 18 February 2017
Weather: Overcast 
Crew: Toon
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: Celta Spinner Green
Gear Used: Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500, 1-3kg shimano raider
Catch: 1 Rainbow 1 Brown
Report: Hit a couple of parts of the taponga, but didnt venture too far. 2nd cast of the day caught a nice little rainbow. Caught him in the eye poor bugger! Then snagged a brown later on. Pristine rivers all around, too much fishing to be had up here.  

One bad thing with this spinning are the treble hooks. Once you've hooked a fish often they're in a bit of a painful situation and unhooking them can be a little nasty. May look to squish in the barbs so that removal is easier, or transfer to single hook. Not sure how this will impact strike rate, as i already have a number of hits and misses, but thats better than one f'ed up trout. 

Report: 8/10

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Whooray River

Date: 18 February 2017
Weather: Overcast
Crew: Dave
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: - Fly - Parachute Adams Hopper #14, 
Gear Used: Orvis Superfine Carbon 3wt, 7'6"
Catch: 2 Browns (1 other solid hookup, and two takes)
Report: On the way to my many trips to the Bitwenjopit I'd often noticed, if the sun was shining, a section of the Whooray that looked worthy of a stop. Today, time was not on my side and I needed to hit somewhere close. This possibly fishable section of the Whooray seemed a worthy candidate.

I found a good spot to pull over, and bush bashed through to the stream....yes, definitely fishable! Was hard not to notice the hoppers on the walk down and back to the car, making my first fly choice for the day an easy one. 

First cast just downstream from a submerged log produced a nice little brown. All other 'should hold a fish' targets came up with the goods.

Will hit again, a good alternate to the Royal Bird. 

Report: 7/10

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Date: 12 February 2017
Weather: Overcast and rainy - rubbish
Crew: Dave
Target Fish: Trout
Bait: - Fly - Parachute Adams #14, Royal Stimulator #12 with Copper John #12
Catch: 5 Rainbows, 2 Browns
Report: Drove up the long way and had a quick look at the upper reaches. A long drive, but looks like its worth a crack. 
Action on Tangip was pretty consistent. Patience and mixing up the offering was key to pulling in a few fish.
Water was quite warm
Report: 7/10 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Young Buck/Keys

Date: 4-5 February 2017
Weather: Hot and clear Sat, overcast and rainy sun
Crew: Dave, Kellie, Mish
Target Fish: Trout
Bait:  - Fly - Parachute Adams #14, Royal Stimulator #12 with Copper John #12
Catch: 5 Rainbows, 1 from buck, 4 from keys
Report: Have always struggled to find trout on the Young Buck. This time, I hit the regular good looking runs with no success, then came up to a nice looking pool. I decided I'd sit down for 5 minutes and if I didn't see a fish, I'd head back to camp. One minute later a fish started rising. I slowly crept upstream to a good position, and threw my first back cast into a tree. Crept back, untangled and crept back again. Cast again, and BANG hit...strike...nothing. Pulled the line up and found the line had snapped right at the leader-tippet knot. I reckon the line was damaged in the snag.
Continued the same approach further upstream and managed one good sized rainbow.
Next day, Kellie gave me 'no longer than one hour' on the Keys. I was literally running upstream, bypassing good water to focus on 'water that definitely contain fish'. Managed to land 4 rainbows, and lose a couple more. The Keys is one of my favourite rivers ever.
Report: 8/10 (most likely would have been 10 if I had a few more hours on the keys)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Lagoon Pier

Date: 29 January 2017
Weather: Mild & Calm. 
Time: 3am - 8am.  
Crew: Toon, Ross, Willo Huggett
Target Fish: Snapper, Gummy, Garfish
Bait:  Pillies, Squid, Silverfish
Catch: 1 flathead
Report: About time we organised a boys fishing session. Wound back the clock and hit up a pier. We remembered how boring and slow pier fishing is! Pretty much no action all morning. 

We hit the incoming tide in conjunction with sunrise. No action at all, until the sunrise began. Lots of pinkies were being pulled up by the locals in what was about a 45 minute hot session which then died down. Thats when we landed the flathead and decided to pack up shop and roll home. 

We berley-ied hard using weet-bix mixed with tuna oil, and then also pulled out the oldschool method of crucnhed up twisties to entice garfish. Nothing. What a waste of good twisties in the end. 

Cooked the flattie for lunch. Was the typical awesomness that flathead is. 

Report: 6/10. Its fishing. Still fun, therefore 5 +1 for one tastie flattie. 

Friday, January 27, 2017


Date: 6 January 2017
Weather: Cold. -35 degrees. 
Crew: Toon & extended family
Target Fish: Anything
Bait:  Small lures with a tiny bit of worm on the end
Catch: 1 tiny little guy! And 2 massive pikefrom the net
Report: Went ice fishing in northern Finalnd. Got there at 4pm, and it was already pitch black dark. Fished for two hours in freezing cold temps, but managed to pull up a fish after 1.5 hours. The nets were out for 3 days prior and we pulled in a couple of monster pike. Epic adventure!
Report: 8/10